Lynda Veilleux

Stress Management Consultant & Clinical Hypnotherapist
Lynda has always had an interest in the power of the mind, and the mind/body connection.  She began her post-secondary studies in Social Sciences at Champlain College, and studied Psychology at Mount St Vincent University for a year.  Lynda put her studies on hold to move across Canada to Victoria in 1999 with her husband and two children.  
Lynda eventually returned to school to complete her degree and graduate studies at the University of Sedona.  Still very interested in the mind/body connection, and decided to continue her studies and graduated from Y.O.U. Academy of Advanced Hypnotherapy to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).  During her practicum, Lynda noticed a growing need for stress management and has added the specialty of Certified Stress Management Consultant to her training through the International Association of Counseling Therapists (IACT).  
Working from a place of compassion, empathy and optimism, Lynda helps guide people to access their inner resources and open the door to happiness, growth and empowerment.  She believes that you are the healer of all that troubles you, and trusts that you have all the answers within yourself, often deeply buried.
As a hypnotherapist and stress management consultant, she believes in a solution-focused perspective.  You can be assured that the time you spend with Lynda will have you seeing great results in a short period of time. Lynda can treat a variety of concerns, and the list is extensive.