Tour de Rock

Back to Back is hosting an event to help raise money for Tour de Rock.  We are doing a virtual ride with a goal of 1200 kilometers collectively being rode between September 23rd and October 1st.  We hope you can help support our event. To make a donation please click on the button below.  

Ideal Protein

We offer free information sessions with Ideal Protein Coach Tracey if you would like to learn more information on this Low Fat/low carb Weight-loss Method. For more info please email Tracey or check out our Ideal Protein page

Xeomin Costmetic

Xeomin Cosmetic wrinkle-relaxing injections, block the release of chemicals that cause muscles to contract. The results are lines that are softened and the skin appears smoother. 


For more information book your free 15 min consult with

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Venus Heal

Ask your Chiropractor if Venus Heal is right for you.  For more information on the Venus Heal, visit our Facebook page.