Avi Sharabi

Registered Kinesiologist

Avi is a Registered Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer and coach who was born in Israel and raised in the Cowichan Valley.  Growing up with two older brothers lead her to being the opponent, the goalie and like every young sibling, the natural punching bag.  Sports and the outdoors were always an integral part of her life, mentally and physically.  This sparked an interest in human kinetics, mental performance and athletic performance.  These interests manifested in pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, minoring in psychology and playing Varsity Rugby at the University of Victoria.  

Avi believes that movement and exercise is medicine for both the body and the mind.  She uses advanced techniques such as Functional Range Conditioning and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization to optimize clients rehabilitation/personal training programs. 

Work and Education Goals:

Shortly after graduating, Avi began working as a Kinesiologist with us at Back to Back.  She is studying to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach while building her portfolio as a S & C Coach and personal trainer.  

She aspires to continue her educational journey by pursuing a Masters in physical therapy.  Her goal is to bridge the gap between Physiotherapy and Strength and Conditioning to enhance athletic rehabilitation and training practices.  


Louise Eriksson

Registered Kinesiologist

Hi, My name is Louise and I am a Kinesiologist at Back to Back.  Ilove moving my body, and helping others find this love has lead me to this career.  I am deeply passionate about indivituals finding a modality in which they are able to move pain free and enjoy themselves while they exercise.  I firmly believe that exercise is medicine and am excited to fister client goals, whatever they may be.  I am looking forward to working with you whether it's personal training, rehabilitation or injury support.