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Naturopathic Doctors


Dr. Kyle

Dr. Kyle Morrison grew up in Northern Ontario where he was active in many sports and cultivated his interest in anatomy, movement and how the body works. He started his post-secondary education at McMaster University studying Kinesiology furthering his knowledge at anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. His education and interests led him to the practice of Naturopathic medicine. The principles of Naturopathic medicine best suited Dr. Morrison's philosophy and beliefs and helped ignite this passion for health. Dr. Morrison sees himself as a guide or teacher along one's own path to health. He practices an individualistic approach to medicine and seeks to find the root of disease be it physical, mental or emotional. He believes health can be attained through proper knowledge, accountability, and empowerment to take ownership over one's own health. Dr. Morrison has a clinical experience treating digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, skin and musculoskeletal conditions, stress and weight management. Dr. Morrison's 5 pillars of health are rooted in nutrition, exercise, quality sleep, stress management and elimination and detoxification. By focusing on these basic pillars, quality health can be achieved and enjoyed for years to come

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